High Output Rotary DJ Mixer


  • The model 3700 DJ mixer is simply the best sounding high performance rotary knob mixer available to the professional DJ in the world.
  • Each of the six input channels has a pre-amplifier position, 5 additional switchable inputs and tone controls.
  • Four channels have (1-4) RIAA turntable pre-amplifiers optimized for professional cartridges and two channels (5&6) have microphone pre-amplifiers.
  • One main stereo output, one stereo booth output, and one stereo headphone destroyer. Booth and headphone are separately selectable between cue and house monitoring.


  • The first four inputs (pre-amplifier position) allow the user to decide between a switchable RIAA Phono pre-amplifiers optimized for professional cartridges / line input or one of 5 additional line inputs for CD players, (such as the Pioneer CD 1000™)
  • On inputs 5 and 6 you can switch between a high quality microphone pre-amplifier or a stereo line input.
  • Each input channel has bass and treble tone controls with center detents. Six (6) position selector switch and level control.
  • The model 3700 provides one main stereo output with separate balanced and unbalanced outputs, two mono outputs unbalanced, and one booth stereo output unbalanced, pre and post effects mono outputs (for lighting effects)
  • The master audio bus has stereo effects loop available for external processing such as the SDX 5000. Effects loop has a front panel operated dry bypass switch.
  • The unit has one pre and one post output for recording or effects units. Booth and headphone outputs have separate level controls, individually selectable between cue and house monitoring. Cue selector switch allows channel pre-fade cueing
  • External accessory units will be available to extend the features of the model 3700
  • Units are standard 19" rack mountable
  • The unit has an external power supply


  • High-end nightclubs as main system mixer
  • Bar-restaurant foreground music systems
  • Studio & home entertainment systems
  • Broadcast studio and remote truck applications
  • Any job requiring a quality rack mountable mixer with any combination of microphones, turntables and line inputs


Input Connections

  • Rear panel inputs
  • 4 stereo RCA Phono / line switchable
  • 5 stereo RCA aux inputs (line) a thru e
  • 2 microphone (XLR-Balanced) / line switchable (RCA)

Outputs Connections

  • Rear panel outputs
  • Left & right balanced main out (XLR switchable pin 2 or 3 hot)
  • Left & right un-balanced main out (RCA)
  • Mono out main pre effect (RCA)
  • Mono out main post effect (RCA)
  • Booth L&R un-balanced out (RCA)

Other Connections

  • L&R un-balanced post effects tape out (RCA)
  • L&R un-balanced pre effects send tape out (RCA)
  • L&R effects send (1/4")
  • L&R effects return (1/4")
  • DB15 channel direct outputs
  • DB15 VCA / aux accessory unit model 3701
  • Power input

All rack units are Hand Built in the USA using all 1% tolerance components