Integral Sound systems are renowned world-wide for their purity, precision, and high performance. Developed by George Stavro and Steve Dash, veterans of the sound and nightclub industries, Integral Sound is the system of choice for the world's top nightclubs and the DJ's that play in them. The Integral Sound is powerful, enveloping, and precise without the aural irritation and listening fatigue so common in other sound systems. Investment in an Integral Sound system is an investment in customer satisfaction, providing a listening experience that surpasses the competition and keeps your customers coming back year after year

Integral Sound's principal founders were Steve Dash, Mike Bindra and George Stavro whose combined knowledge encompass the best in technical expertise and real world experience. Dash's former projects include The Original Sound Factory, Sound Factory Bar, Twilo, Roxy, Guvernment, Cream, Womb, and Crobar NY. With good reason, Dash is considered the best in the business by those in the know. George Stavro joined Steve Dash as the Phazon sound engineers between 2001 and 2003 and they have been working together ever since. Having collaborated in projects from back in the mid 1990's, they have become a formidable team that has become the go to audio engineering company for clients who want things done right the first time.

With staff based in 4 continents, they are perfectly placed to service your audio requirements anywhere in the world.